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Classic and best-selling treadmill, the overall unit creates an atmosphere of sports; dynamic and fashion styling, rich configuration.

Designed to be thin and light, Sprint treadmill combines simple forms and smooth-running sensation.

With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, Sprint + 15’’ touchscreen console delivers a very motivating experience, giving the capability to use this treadmill as an entertainment system, like using Virtual Scene where user can run in different cities in the world or playing their favorite channel, music or movie.


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Simple and intuitive user interface helps users to complete training program without worries but joy.
Built – in 15″ resistive touchscreen provides humanized functions.

Easy and convenient application of heart rate sensor during workout helps users to keep having aerobic exercise, optimize fat burning and increase calorie consumption.

Thickened contact roller (100mm) passes high-accuracy dynamic balance test and brings low noise and long service life to the unit.

Luxurious diamond plating running belt (3.0T) demonstrates its high grade and brings uncommon exercise experience.

The static load capacity of high-strength running board (25T) reaches 600kg; it ensures your safety during exercise.

Once formed high-strength hardened plastic part has two colors, provides prominent warning, and gives the unit a fashionable feature.




TFT display screen 15″ soft-touch resistive screen (optional)
LED display screen 15″ ; multi-window display
Console upright Steel pipe (50*150)+Steel plate (5.0T)
Lateral sliding rail
Advanced configuration: Hardened high-strength PVC; Standard configuration: without lateral sliding rail.
Sliding rail Hardened high-strength PVC (bicolor)
Heart rate sensor chip Injection molded; never slips.
Running belt 3.2T
Running board High-strength, 25T, max static load capacity: 600kg
Inverter Made in Taiwan (standard configuration);
Inverter Made in Korea (advanced configuration)
Water bottle holder Personal belongings can be put here.
Lubrication Standard configuration: manual lubrication system;
Advanced configuration:Self-lubrication system controlled by Micro-PLC.
Elevator motor
Voltage: 220V-240V; Speed: 1475r/min, Frequency: 50Hz Output power: 60W; Insulation: grade B
Main motor Rated power: 3.0HP (2.2KW) Max power: 7.0HP (5.1 KW) Grade B
Transport wheller Yes
Display type 15″ TFT/15″ LED
Touch control When a key is pressed, it produces the sound along with a lick.
Preset program (TFT)
3 Heart rate modes; Distance Mode; Calories mode; Time mode; Manual mode.
Fixed program (TFT)
P1 (Manual); P2 (Rolling); P3 (Climb);P4 (Intervals); P5 (Weight Loss); P6 (Mountain); P7(Fat Burn).
Preset program (LED)
Calories count down mode; Distance count down mode; Time count down mode..
Fixed program (LED) P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7, P8
Language LED: English; TFT: Chinese and English
WiFi Yes (TFT)
Media player (TFT)
Available for and compatible with Android system; support MP3, MP4, AVI and MPG.
Built-in HDTV (TFT)
Available for digital television signal, high definition television signal and cable television signal.
Readouts Time, Distance, Calories, Power, Heart rate, Speed.
Heart rate monitoring
Heart rate sensor is inside fixed handle; it increases precision and makes it suitable for users of all body shapes.
Heart rate display
Heart rate is displayed in real time. After age and weight are input, it effectively helps user to have cardiorespiratory exercise and lose weight when programs like “Fat burn”, “Cardio exercise” or “Target” are running..
Heart rate range 50-256 (times/min)
Calories range 0-999 (kcal)
Distance range 0.00-99.9 (km)
Time range 0:00-99:59
Speed range 1.0-20.0 (km/h)
Incline range 0-20%
Max user weight 150kg
MEAS.&WEIGHT 2250 mm
Length 950 mm
IF Width IHeight 1580 mm
Running surface 1470 mm*530 mm
Running belt 530mm (Width)
N.W. (Whole unit) 212 kg
G.W. (Whole unit) 283 kg
G.W. (Console) 25 kg
G.W. (console excluded) 258 kg
Power source External power supply; AC 220V±10% (50Hz/60Hz)
Power cord 16A AC 250V
Overload protector 13A
Working temperature 0-40 C
EN957-6 approved.