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Modern design with very high quality spinning bike.

300-degree magnet resistance.

Dual state transmission system.

Advanced ergonomics handle.

Appropriate Q factor.


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Has 300-degree magnet resistance adjustment system, and the user can quickly adjust to the optimal resistance state by simply turning the adjustment knob of the wrist portion of the handle.


The 1:11 gear ratio and the latest belt technology in the dual-state drive system deliver very high levels of torque and incredibly high-speed rotation of the flywheel, improving overall product performance


Advanced ergonomic handles provide the user with a comfortable ride and the overall storage rack and bottle holder are within reach of the user.


The right 155mm Q factor provides very good biomechanical dynamics for improved comfort and efficiency


Drive System  Multi V belt
Frame structure and shape
Frame Steel
Color Matte Black
Flywheel Evenly weighted the back aluminum
Technical specifications
Length 132 cm
Width 52 cm
Height 102 cm
Product weight 57 kg
Maximum carrying capacity 150 kg